Final Reflection

The work I have presented here, on my online portfolio, is a reflection of my mind, body, and soul. The fundamental and most generous concerns expressed throughout each piece of my work demonstrate the growing process I have and will continue to go through as a photographer. Through this module, I have learned how to not only take pictures that are pleasing to the eye, but also take pictures that contain meaning, meaning that might not be obvious without the help of other photographs to tell a story or send a message. I have learned that photography needs a lot of time and thought. Photography needs a meaning. Without a meaning, a photograph is just a photograph. The general concern for my work was to make connections throughout my photographs that make one stop and think about the meaning my mind is trying to convey.

Succession, a sequence of four photographs, demonstrates space and sequence. The varieties in space tell a different message with each photograph. The close up portrays strong power, while the far away shots relay a message of longing and distance. The sequence of these photographs within this collection tell a story and a message that would be completely different if they were in any other order.

Bolt, a sequence of three photographs, is a clear example of my work that demonstrates place as a type of object. With all the connections bouncing from image to image, the places one is looking at transforms into one object, the photograph as a whole, that has a different, yet similar meaning to all those who view it.

Before starting the photo module, I thought that digital photography was simple and quick. I also did not realize the impact photography has on all of us. Through this module, I was taught that photographs are images that our mind wants to capture for some reason that help us make connections to people, places, or ideas that are important to us.

Video, the previous module, taught me many lessons that helped me with the photo module. Video taught me that a piece of work does not depend on a singular fundamental, but rather multiple fundamentals that come together to present something with value and meaning.